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How to get visa to Myanmar?

Getting a tourist visa to Myanmar is easy. We at discovery rides can help you get a visa or you can get an e-visa from Ministry of Immigration’s official web site. E-visa costs 50$and you can pay it with credit card. Usually the process takes up to three working days and after the handling you will recieve the visa aproval to your e-mail. Please note that e-visa can be used only if you arrive to Yangon or Mandalay by international flight. You can also apply for visa from any embassy of Myanmar for example Bangkok or Singapore. If you have any more questions about how to get a visa to Myanmar, please contact us […]


What to wear?

We recommend quality gloves, shoes, sunglasses and sports/cycling wear as essentials. It is also good to take some warm clothes for the road, because in some parts of the country mornings and evenings can be bit cold. During the day it usually gets so warm that wearing a t-shirt is just enough.


How to pay? Do you accept Credit Cards?

Payment has to be done in advance. Detailed payment instructions will be sent once a tour has been scheduled. We accept both Visa and MasterCard payments