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What are your Motorbikes like?

Myanmar has only few options to offer when it comes to two wheeler’s and we like to keep it local. So our bikes are 125 cc semiautomatic scooter style rides, this is the type 95% of the locals are using and you do not get a feeling that you are the slowest or smallest thing going on the roads. We have tested the bikes in pretty much every type of road that Myanmar has to offer and they have survived really well. These bikes are easy to handle and for the smaller roads they are quite the winners. Top speed we have reached on a good straight road is 100 km/h […]


Is it safe to cycle in Myanmar?

Yes! Road conditions in Myanmar are improving day by day and we have planned and tested our tours so there is enough challenge but things will not get too hazardous We have experienced some of the worst roads in Myanmar and survived them with pride, but that being said after a while its not fun cycling anymore so most of our routes go on asphalt roads. Security situation is stable in most parts of Myanmar and we are constantly getting information about the security situation in the rural areas of the country. We are not taking you to places where the security situation might be bad. We have a support truck following […]


Do I Need My Own Cycling Gear?

Bicycles and helmets are included in all our tours. We also provide a support truck for carrying luggage with a spare bike, some spare parts and a local mechanic. You can check more details of what is included on our tours from our tour descriptions.